South Sudan, Every Male Child is a Soldier in Civil War 07/26/2017

Tonny Onyulo, Special for USA TODAY
LONGUTE, South Sudan — In this village near the Ugandan border, vultures constantly hover in the sky and dogs prowl the streets. A repugnant, choking smell fills the air. Human remains lie unburied.

Much of the village is a killing field that underscores the brutality of a 4-year-old civil war tearing apart the world’s newest nation.

“My husband’s dead body is still uncollected since he was killed a month ago,” said Alek Kuur, 40, who has since sought refuge with her four daughters in a Catholic church in the nearby town of Torit. “We were attacked in the middle of the night. The soldiers were claiming that we are rebels. They shot and killed my husband and son.”

Kuur was talking about an April attack when South Sudanese soldiers allegedly pulled hundreds of people from their homes in the middle of the night, accusing them of harboring rebel forces and killing members of the Dinka tribe.

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