by Moody Adams
You might as well talk about a woman being "moderately" pregnant, as to talk about someone being a "moderate" Muslim.

The government and the media, both liberal and conservative, have convinced Americans that most Muslims are "moderate" Muslims. The president emphasizes this. "President Obama's story goes like this: adherents of Islam are comprised of two groups, "radical Muslims" and "moderate Muslims.... Fortunately, radical Muslims represent a very small minority, while the "vast majority" of Islam's one billion Believers are "moderate Muslims," writes Joel Gilbert

Victor Sharpe wrote an editorial titled "Wake up, wake up," which points out there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim.

The Islamic religion is based on the Koran, which they believe is the infallible word of Allah, their God. Their Koran commands, "O Believers take not the Jews or Christians as friends"(Koran 5:51). If he is a Muslim he does not make friends with Jews or Christians. If he makes friends with a Christian or Jew he has denied his faith and is no Muslim.

There are 123 verses in the Koran that call upon the Muslims to fight and conquer non-Muslims in the name of Allah. "When ye encounter the infidels (unbelievers), strike off their heads till ye have made a great slaughter among them, and of the rest make fast the fetters" (Koran 47:4). "Fight therefore against them until . . . the only worship be that of God (Allah)" (Koran 2:193). Koran 2:216 says, "War is prescribed to you: but from this ye are averse. Yet haply ye are averse from a thing, though it be good for you also" (9:41). Those who do not join in the war are threatened with hell fire: "The heat of war is fierce, but more fierce is the heat of Hell-fire” (Koran 9:81). Muslims must make war on the infidels (those who do not believe in Allah) who live around them (Koran 9:123).

If a Muslim fights non-Muslims, he is a real Muslim. If he does not join in the battle against non-Muslims, he has defied Allah and is no Muslim.

There are Muslims who obey their Koran and there are Muslim pretenders, but there are no moderate Muslims.

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