by Moody Adams
Last night the President announced the end of America’s combat role. The fight is now in the hands of the Iraqi police and military.

The major media successfully distorted this conflict as one between the Iraqi people and the U.S. invaders. The truth is this is a war between a tiny minority of Iraqis assisted by Muslims from neighboring countries who want to live under the laws of the Koran and are fighting against living under democratic laws.

Iraq is one of many battlefields in a world-wide conflict between theocracy and democracy. This is suddenly becoming very apparent as the terrorist are directing their killings more at Iraqis who support the young democratic government.

While the leaders of the terrorist organization are only interested in expanding their political power, the people carrying out their bloody suicide missions are doing this in the belief that they are serving Allah and will be rewarded with heaven, after blowing themselves up.

The question is do we want to live under the laws of Allah or under democratic laws. If we choose democracy we are going to have to fight these religious murderers as long as there are men who believe their god wrote the barbaric laws of the Koran. They are willing to die to impose their beliefs on all mankind. Are we willing to die to protect democracy and its freedom? This is the big question.

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