by Moody Adams
“There are more than 3,000 mosques in the U.S., and work is being done on several major projects that have neighbors alarmed to the point of resistance,” Reports Michael Carl of WorldNetDaily.

In Southern California, the Temecula Valley Islamic Center, is being opposed by local citizens who have organized to derail construction.

A proposed mosque in Murfreesboro, Tenn., has attracted media attention because the project has been greeted with organized protests. Mosque opponents say they don't want the 15-acre site to be a training center for militants who may go on suicide bomb missions.

Of course national protests have flared over the New York mosque at ground zero.

The reason citizens are aroused is they are beginning to learn the truth about Islam. Behind the kneeling and praying there is a far more sinister side of Islam.

Mano Bakh, who fled Iran 30 years ago, says, "The main reason is that there are two segments to Islam, the thing that calls itself a religion. One is the religious part of it to pray and the other one is to Shariah law, the way of life," Bakh explained. "We have no problem with the praying part of Islam. What we have a problem with is preaching what is in Shariah law," Bakh continued.

They are beginning to call the Ground Zero mosque an “educational center.” What they are educating people in is Shariah law. It is difficult to find what Shariah law demands. I have obtained a copy of this startling legal system. Email me for a free copy of the Shariah laws and I will forward it to you.

'Every time we allow a mosque to go up, it's like planting IED'--WND

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