by Moody Adams
“Speaking at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s Annual Awards Gala on Sept. 15, Obama left out the word “Creator” when otherwise virtually quoting from the Declaration of Independence,” writes Terencde P. Jeffrey. “We hold these truths to be self-evident,” Obama said at that event, “'that all men are created equal, endowed with certain inalienable rights: life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness'. That’s what makes us unique.” Rush Limbaugh has focused national attention of Obama’s omission by playing a recording on his show.
Rush Limbaugh played an audio clip of the relevant passage from Obama’s remarks at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute’s dinner on his Sept. 20 program.
Nature does not give man a right to be free. It is filled with enemies constantly working to suppress a "species freedom."

Tradition does not give man a right to be free. Sherwood E. West says, "Very few people in human history have known or experienced freedom. Tyranny is the normal state of the human race." The Greek society, though called a "democracy," was a slave state, just as Rome. The democracy of Athens was a farce.

Intellectual logic does not give man the right to be free. Aristotle, the Greek genius who was one of the greatest thinkers the world has known, reasoned that free democracy could not possibly be a proper government. "In the course of discussing one such subordinate human association, the family or household, Aristotle developed his doctrine of natural slavery. According to this view there are men whom nature intended to be slaves to other men-though it does not follow that actual slaves are such; and in¬deed actual free men might well be slaves by nature. A natural slave is a person who lacks in himself sufficient reason to enable him alone to exercise the choices involved in moral virtue, and so must rely on a master to provide it. Slavery in such a case is for the good of the slave." Today's intellectuals are even more anti-freedom than Plato and Aristotle. The prominent Harvard psychologist, B. F. Skinner, who is having such a profound influence on America's educational community, declares, "Americans would be better off under the psychological and scientific control of an elite body of intellectuals."

Common consent does not give us the right to be free. The masses of men have inevitably been willing to forfeit their liberties when the price is right. Politicians have learned they can control the masses with their unrealistic promises. One official said, "Civilian governments get into trouble when they become irresponsible. They give the people what they want, not what they need or what the country can afford."

The desire for freedom does not give man the right to be free. The new philosophy of freedom, simply stated, is "de¬sire for freedom gives you the right to freedom." That is about as reasonable as a bank robber standing before a judge and saying, "Judge I had a right to the money in that bank because 1 desired it!"

The only right man has to be free was recognized by our forefathers. This right, for the first time in the history of the world, was written into a nation's constitution here in the United States. "Men are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; and that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

"Endowed by their Creator" No other right to freedom is given. Tyrants fight to deny this right and take away man’s freedoms.

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