Three Christian men in Indonesia "were sentenced to death during the conflict in Poso, Central Sulewesi, in 2000. As WorldNetDaily reported in 2001, more than 2,000 people died in three years of clashes in Central Sulawesi province before a peace agreement was reached between Muslim and Christian leaders," reports "An Islamic terrorist group called Laskar Jihad threatened to eliminate Christians from the region but was held off by government troops."

The three were scheduled to face a firing squad this week.

This all grew out of a conflict between the small Christian minority and the Muslims. Some are even proposing expelling all Christians from the Poso area.

"Entire Christian villages were attacked with government munitions and burned down using Indonesian government fuel trucks," the International Christian Concern said. "Christian adults and children were beheaded. The Muslim community initiated the attacks and there was every indication that local Muslim government leaders were involved. Why were no Muslims ever charged in any of the attacks?"

More Christians are being martyed now than ever before in history. May God give all of us the courage to stand against Satan's many attacks.

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