By Moody Adams
The founder of Iran-focused Elam Ministries, Sam Yeghnazar, says in the past 30 years, more Muslims have come to Christ than in the past 1,300 years.

“Iran today is a closed land with countless open hearts,” said Yeghnazar. “It is the most open nation to the Gospel in the entire world. Tens of thousands of Iranians are turning to Christ.”

“Betrayed by the government, disillusioned with the religion, depressed by the prospects of the future, Iranians when they come to know the Lord Jesus Christ are completely transformed,” he said. “They proclaim Christ in the marketplace. Entire families, men and women, are coming to Christ.”

Two weeks ago, two of Yeghnazar’s followers were imprisoned and within a week they brought six people to Christ, Yeghnazar said.

He spoke in Cape Town, South Africa, where more than 4,000 Christian leaders representing over 190 nations have gathered for Lausanne III, also known as Cape Town 2010. Their purpose is to study the best way to evangelize the world.

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