Please call 17 undecided Senators listed far below, to filibuster Liu and Chatigny.

The lame-duck Senate Judiciary committee has announced it will vote Thursday on the nominations of 12 liberal judges appointed by President Obama, including the Road-side Strangler judge Robert N. Chatigny, who seeks promotion to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, despite his history of arguing "sexual sadism" is not a crime, but a disease.

Five extreme radical judges, being pushed by President Obama, are being voted on Thursday for appointment to appeals courts.

The Washington Times editorials rate President Obama's nominations for five Judges as "The Worst Judiciary Ever: Obama's Judicial Nominations are Frightening." They are now up for a full Senate vote.

The Times rated the third worst Judge, David Hamilton, who ruled in Indiana case Hinrichs v. Bosma that the words "Jesus" or "Christ" were illegal words but prayers to "Allah" were totally legal.

The worst judge was Robert Chatigny, who attempted to free the "Roadside Strangler" Michael Ross, who had killed 7 victims, showing empathy for the killer because the killer suffered from the "disease" of sexual sadism.

But Judge Chatigny imposed sentences "well below the recommended minimum in a series of child-pornography and sexual-assault cases and tried to invalidate Connecticut's version of the Megan's Law sex-offender registry," according to The Washington Times.

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