by Moody Adams
A popular seminar now in book form gives parents simple, proven ways to take the frustration out of parenting.

After holding over 400 seminars on this Biblical principle, author Moody Adams has put this information in a book to help more parents take the frustration out of parenting.

Titled “How to Raise Children Without Frustration” the book gives scores of simple ways of applying this little-know key that has taken the frustration out of parenting for thousands of families.

Beverly wrote from Massachusetts that her fifteen-year-old son’s smart talk and disrespect “was destroying me.” But after attending Moody’s seminar she ended it all in one night.

Moody says, “God intended for raising children to be “restful” and “delightful.” And He tells us how to do in the Bible.

Parents who are frustrated with their children may be doing everything right except following this one simple key.

• Mothers and fathers who are having trouble with: public temper tangents, pouting, back-talking, hate attacks, ingratitude, teen-age rebellion and charges they are not being “fair” will be thrilled with the testimonies of parents who have solved these problems.

Parents who find themselves being too harsh or simply giving in and spoiling the child will find a simple, positive approach that works.

This book will enable you to take control of your home, enjoy parenting and produce good, Godly children.

Moody gives 20 ways parents are increasing their frustration and failing to get the results they want.

Click here to order Moody Adams’ “How to Raise Children Without Frustration” now. It ships in one work day.

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