"Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness and for
his wonderful works to the children of men and let them sacrifice
the sacrifices of thanksgiving."

Now, if you don't mind writing in your bible would you
underscore those phrases right there, "the sacrifices of
thanksgiving" and "declare his works with rejoicing."

Now, it has been said that talk is cheap. We thank the Lord
and we say Lord, we're so thankful, we're so grateful for all that
you've done for us. Well, do you know what we need to do? We
need to turn Thanksgiving into Thanks-living. That is, to offer to
God the sacrifices of thanksgiving.

Now, if we're thankful it really ought to show in our lives, and
by the way, I don't believe that there's any other sin quite like the
sin of ingratitude. Shakespeare said, "How sharper than a serpent's
tooth it is to have a thankless child." Those of you who have loved
and labored and invested much in the health and lives of your
children know how grieved you are when your children do not seem
to appreciate or to be thankful for the sacrifices that parents have
made. Mothers who have gone down in the valley of the shadow of
death to bring these precious children into this world and dads who
have labored long and hard, what a sacrifice. And I think
Shakespeare was right. The poet Milton, the blind poet, he said that
a person with an ungrateful spirit only has one vice, he said
because all of the rest of his vices are virtues compared to
ingratitude. Every other sin is a virtue compared to the sin of

How terrible not to be grateful to God, and yet in America all
around we can find those who are grumbly hateful rather than
humbly grateful. Well, how can we translate our Thanksgiving today
into Thanks-living? Well, we're to offer to God what the bible calls
the "sacrifices of thanksgiving."

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