by Moody Adams
Bible Skills Institute is making a great impact on the lives of its 4,000 students in 13 countries. Here are some of their testimonies from Eastern Africa:

"We had a joint evangelism mission from 18th -20th NOV 2010 in support of one of our student Deo Massa in Bufumbo had a church but it was stagnant. On this mission 124 people came to the Lord and we left the Pastor to follow them up and bring them to Church. He rang me recently that about 32 of those that got saved are stabilizing in the Church."

"BSI has not only equipped me with skills and knowledge but also the courage to reach out to the lost. After completion of personal soul winning I was empowered to reach out to my brother who was at that time very ill with TB and he accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as his savior something I could never do before even though I was a minister in my local church. With prayers and treatment my brother has now almost fully recovered and has joined my local church. Praise be to our God.+ Grace, Student of Bugambo BSI

"On 27th Nov 2010 one of our students Pastor Kintu Thomas testified that before he learnt on stewardship, he used to waste a lot of money on things that do not matter for the kingdom of God and desiring to be rich even if he uses manipulating methods to do so. But now He Cleary understands how to use money and see that the Kingdom of God expands."
Pr Willert Delgone,Mbale BSI

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