By Moody Adams
Vice President Omar Suleiman, who is managing the crisis, raised the prospect of a new crackdown on protesters Tuesday when he told Egyptian newspaper editors there could be a "coup" unless demonstrators agree to enter negotiations. The protesters insist they won't talk before Mubarak steps down, which the president is refusing to do.

"He (Suleiman) is threatening to impose martial law, which means everybody in the square will be smashed," said Abdul-Rahman Samir, a spokesman for a coalition of the five main youth groups behind protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square. "But what would he do with the rest of the 70 million Egyptians who will follow us afterward."
Suleiman said the protests cannot be allowed to continue, as the protestors call for labor strike and refuse to talk until Mubarak resigns.

“The handwriting is on the wall in big, bold face. Prepare for the biggest and worst war ever fought because when the dust settles Israel will be the primary focus and next target as the cause for all that ails the Arab street. This is the price Israel pays for her . . . Road Map to hell and it has arrived at the doorstep” writes a blogger in an Israeli news site.

If an anti-Israel ruler takes over in Egypt it could fulfill the Bible prophecy of “Jerusalem compassed with armies,” Jesus gave as a sign of the closing days of earth’s history (Luke 7:8, 20).

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