by Moody Adams
“Battle lines are being drawn as Republican Rep. Peter King prepares to hold a high-profile hearing Thursday that will examine the threat posed by radical Islam in the United States, reports the AP. “The New York lawmaker, who is chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has received threats in recent days but says he 'will not back down.' His plans have divided lawmakers on Capitol Hill and triggered a backlash from Muslim and civil liberties groups claiming he's unfairly targeting members of one faith.”

Let’s quit playing games. The 1,200 mosques in America are all teaching the Koran. All true Muslims believe it is the infallible word of Allah. This Koran demands the killing of 9 groups of people. The killing should not stop until no one is worshipping any God except Allah: “Fight therefore against them until . . . the only worship be that of God (Allah)” (Koran 2:193). "All 'infidesl' (people who do not believe in Allah): When ye encounter the infidels, strike off their heads till ye have made a great slaughter among them, and of the rest make fast the fetters” (Koran 47:4).

Muslims are commanded to wage war permanently, until the day of judgment: “The sacred injunction concerning ‘ . . . It is established as a divine ordinance, by word of GOD, who has said, in the Koran, 'SLAY THE INFIDELS'; and also by a saying of the prophet, 'war is permanently established until the day of judgement,' (meaning the ordinance respecting war.)” (AL-HEDAYA Vol. II (Hanafi Manual), Blackwell Idealist lawbase, reference number 3988).

In addition "those who criticize Islam (Koran 9:12), drink wine three times (Hadith, ABU DAWUD 4467), or commit sodomy (Hadith, ABU DAWUD 4447), are to be killed."

The difference between Christian killings and Muslim killings is when a Christian kills someone he is disobeying his scriptures, which says he must love his enemies and he is refusing to follow the example of his founder, Jesus Christ. But when a Muslim kills, he is obeying his scriptures and following the example of Muhammad, who ordered many killed. The New Testament says governments are suppose to be the ministers of justice who do not bear the sword in vain. Individuals do not have the right to minister justice and kill, but governments do.

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