by Moody Adams Wait just a minute. You haven’t heard the latest. How about, “Christian pole dancing?”

ABC affiliate KTRK in Houston announced, “Women in the Houston area are pole dancing once a month ... for Jesus. Yes, the dance moves, once reserved for strip clubs, are being embraced by devout, church-going women. In the quaint turn-of-the-century community called Old Town Spring, where Victorian style shops line the streets, one business stands out -- pole fitness for Jesus. There's no preaching, just teaching.”

The moves are the same as the church-going women spin and slither around the poles. The music has Christian lyrics. And understand this is not about sex, but getting closer to God on the pole.

Set to Christian music, church-going women spin and slither around poles. But the instructor and the students say it's not about sex.

Tiffany Booth says she was raised in church. But now, the pole is her temple.

The Wall Street Journal has written on this: “Pole-dancing parties and ladies as dumb as posts.”

"Some guy came up with his Bible and we were in class and he thumped on the door and was waving his Bible," dancer Crystal Dean said. "People who want to sit there and judge it, you know, like well that is sacrilegious or you know. That doesn't make you a good Christian when you judge other people."

Miss Crystal, please quit slithering on the pole long enough to study your Bible. It says, “But he that is spiritual judgeth all things . . .” (1 Corinthians 2:15). Good Christians do not judge people, consigning them to hell. But they do judge deeds and acts by the Bible’s standard.

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