By Moody Adams
In an article on what Elizabeth Taylor taught us about love, Nanci Hellmich, of USA TODAY, Ms Hellmich quotes three American authorities on the subject:

"Hers was the fully lived life. To me, her life spelled passion. She lived by her heart and died by her heart." —Frank Farley, a psychologist at Temple University and former president of the American Psychological Association

"She taught us about the passion in marriage, particularly her and Richard Burton. She lived her life by her heart, not always wisely but intensely." —Pepper Schwartz, sociologist at the University of Washington in Seattle and chief relationship expert for Perfectmatch.com

"Liz Taylor loved fiercely, blithely, and sometimes rashly — but we should all be lucky enough to come to the end of our lives knowing that when love was offered, we leapt at it.” —Eloisa James, author of When Beauty Tamed the Beast
Regarding her husband Richard Burton she said: "Richard is a very sexy man. He's got that sort of jungle essence that one can sense."

What is sad about the late Miss Taylor's life is that she could attract males, having 8 marriages, but with all her beauty and talent she never could keep one.

What is sad about our country and all our experts is that they seem to have no idea what “love” is. Love is not a feeling, not even a passion, it is a commitment. The Bible says, “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it” (Ephesians 5:25). Jesus wrote the definition of real love in His own blood on a rugged cross. It had nothing to do with feelings or passion. It was all about pain, which He willingly suffered to save those He loved.

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