by Moody Adams
The most inspiring Christian I know is Wendy Correll. A strong faith in Jesus has given her an indomitable spirit that continually amazes me. She has suffered since childhood with crippling arthritis. This has required 17 joint replacements and 35 surgeries. Yet she made it to retirement teaching school, only using a wheel chair in her last year. And she played the organ, sang in church, and served as a "courtship counselor" through it all. I was with her mother in the hospital when she was making Wendy's funeral arrangements, but she recovered. She has been bedridden for years. Now she has had to have a leg amputated. You see a glimpse of her faith as she makes a joke about the amputation in the following email.

“February 3, my right leg was amputated. Dad & Earl brought me home in a snowstorm four days later; but less than two months later I am experiencing very little phantom leg sensations. Sometimes it feels like it is still there, but very seldom hurts!

“I already have three or four good reasons to enjoy life without that pesky right leg.

- You will instantly lose weight!
- At Halloween you automatically have the best costume: Pirate!
- You can donate your right shoes to someone who has lost their left leg.
- When someone asks what happened, you have the opportunity to say things like—I cut my leg shaving, I was in a shark accident, I called the toe truck and he took more than I bargained for.
- You now have access to the cool nicknames that only elite groups get to have, like: Stubby, Nubin, Nubs, Peg Leg
- Strong, handsome men will have to carry you at some point!
- “I have a bunch more miracles, and other amazing things God has done in my life that I want to write about—when I get my wind back.

Moooocho love to you all! Wendy"

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