by Moody Adams
Dave Wilkerson, founder of World Challenge Ministries, was killed last Wednesday in a car accident in Tyler, Texas. He collided with an 18 wheeler.

He founded the most unusual church I have ever been in, the Times Square Church in New York City.

To get a seaT in one of the many services people went in and put their Bible and coat down in a chair and then went out to eat breakfast. They returned later to claim their seat in a packed auditororium.

The most unique thing was members knelt at the altar all across the front of the church weeping and crying out to God for sinners to be saved.

Many of the musicians were professionals, tremendous professionals, from the New York theater.

The building was as different as the services. Wilkerson had purchased a theater and restored it to its original magnificance.

The most unique thing about the church was its membership. It was not made up of members attracted from other churches, but of ex-drug pushers, ex-prostitues, and ex-criminals. They were in the business of converting sinners and they did it well.

Doug Stringer, founder of Somebody Cares America, said that Wilkerson impacted his life profoundly. "I remember the time many years ago that he told me to always weep between the porch and the altar for the those we ministered to...never seek just a sermon or message from the Bible to preach, but weep for those to whom you preach.

Blogger #1 tsc wrote, "We have lost an amazing, unique man of God. There was none quite like him...Pastor Davaid had an incredible preaching style that was not found anywhere else. This man's commitment to the Lord is the reason I am saved today. Praise God for his amazing ministry on this earth as he lived...his legacy and the impact he made on so many will remain forever.

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