by Moody Adams
Why are their worries about retaliation for the killing of Osama? Why is their no celebration in the streets of many Muslim neighborhoods? The answer is Osama is a hero to these people. More than this he could well be the greatest Muslim of modern times.

Osama was a serious Muslim. He obeyed the Koran’s commands to kill Christians and Jews, ”Make war upon such of those to whom the Scriptures have been given as believe not in God (Allah), or in the last day, and who forbid not that which God and His Apostle have forbidden, and who profess not the profession of the truth, until they pay tribute out of hand? and they be humbled. The Jews say, “Ezra (Ozair) is a son of God”; and the Christians say, “The Messiah is a son of God.” Such the sayings in their mouths! They resemble the saying of the Infidels of old! God do battle with them!” (Koran 9:29, 30).

Again, the Koran commands, “When ye encounter the infidels (non-Muslims), strike off their heads till ye have made a great slaughter among them” (Koran 47:4).

Osama was much like the prophet Muhammad, who killed many thousands. He tied up 600-900 Jews and cut their heads off after they had surrendered and were defenseless: Then they surrendered, and the apostle confined them in Medina in the quarter of al-Harith, a woman of B. al-Najjar. Then the apostle went out to the market of Medina (which is still its market today) and dug trenches in it. Then he sent for them and struck off their heads in those trenches as they were brought out to him in batches. This went on until the apostle made an end of them. Among them was the enemy of Allah Huyayy b. Akhtab and Ka‘b b. Asad their chief, and they were brought with their hands bound to their neck by a rope (“Sirat A, Rasul,” page 464). These Jews of Banu Qurayza were not killed in a war. These Jews were unarmed and had surrendered unconditionally. They were slaughtered in cold blood to exterminate the Jews and gain their booty.

Osama practiced the Koran’s view of women, having several wives and is reported to have hid behind a wife when he was shot, “Men are superior to women on account of the qualities with which God hath gifted the one above the other” (Koran 4:34).

Osama did not try to deceive people about the Islamic religion. Osama was honest. He did not tell people what many clerics and leaders declare today, saying “the command to kill non-Muslims is not for today.” This contradicts the Koran, which says in Koran 2:193: “Fight therefore against them until . . . the only worship be that of God (Allah) and in Koran 8:39: Fight then against them till strife be at an end, and the religion be all of it God’s. The Koran commands the killing of infidels until their is no religion left on earth except Islam.

Some question that Osama was a good Muslim because he killed Muslims in the Trade Towers. However, Islam totally justifies a Muslim killing other Muslims when he is destroying infidels: “It is no objection to shooting arrows, or other missiles, against the infidels, that there may chance to be among them a Muslim in the way either of bondage or of traffic; because the shooting of arrow and so forth among the infidels remedies a general evil. There is also neither fine nor expiation upon the warriors on account of such of their arrows or other missiles as happen to hit the children or the Muslims, because the war is in observance of a divine ordinance, and atonement is not due for any thing which may happen in the fulfilment of a divine ordinance, for otherwise men would neglect the fulfilment of the ordinance from an apprehension of becoming liable to atonement (AL-HEDAYA Vol. II, Hanafi Manual, Blackwell Idealist lawbase, reference number 3998 & 3999).

Osama’s life backed up his beliefs in Islam. When Osama left Saudi Arabia he had a fortune, said to be $300 million. He could have enjoyed a life of extreme luxury. Instead he chose to dedicate his life and money to advancing Islam. He lived the remainder of his life hiding. He lived as a hated man, as a fugitive with a $25 million bounty on his head. Probably there were years existing in caves until a safe house was built. Even in the best years of his life on the run he could not have a telephone. He could not have an Internet connection. Osama sacrificed to serve Allah faithfully.

My great concern is that when I kneel before my God one day I will find I have not served Him as well as Osama served his god.

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