Catastrophe is striking the United States.

The Texas Forest Service has reported wildfires have scorched more than 2.2 million acres and more than 400 homes in the drought ravaged state.
Tornadoes ravaged 7 states leaving over 300 dead in Alabama alone.

A raging Mississippi River threatens lives, livelihood and homes, with enough water to fill a football field 44 feet deep every second!

Americans are searching for an answer as to why this is happening:
Is it a result of global warming?
Is it the judgment of God on a nation of abortions, homosexuality and gambling?
Is it the natural curse put on the earth after Adam’s sin?
Is it the birth pains warning us to prepare for a new heaven and new earth?
Or is it something quite different—the mistreatment of Israel?

A book entitled “Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel,” by Bill Koenig states that there have been 49 catastrophic events that happened on the same day or within 24 to 48 hours of the U.S. government putting pressure on Israel to give up her land for promises of peace.

This covenant is confirmed to Abraham in Genesis 15:1-21, 17:4-21, 22:15-18. It is confirmed to his descendant Isaac in Genesis 26:3-5, 24 and to Jacob in Genesis 28:13-15, 35:9-12. This promise to curse those who curse Israel is not dependant on what the Jews do. God has promised it and will fulfill it regardless.

America’s natural disasters and her financial crisis could be a direct curse resulting from her cursing Israel?

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