We started the Bible Skills Institute 5 year ago, but is already giving 2 years of accredited training to 5,000 native leaders. The students and leaders have won 62,370 to Christ and started 1,241 new churches.

Here are some of this month’s reports :

Blazio, Congo and Uganda:
Students of Nabitende had a one day door to door outreach in Kiwanyi Village,Nabitende, Kaliro District in March 2011 in which 28 people among whom were two Muslems (Salimu and Abdallah) received Christ as there saviour. Salimu now testifies that it was useless for him to follow a dead prophet, Muhammed. He is a regular member of one of the home fellowships I began in Nabitende and has offered part of his land for the construction of a church building. Praise be to Jesus.

Dhondo Jethro, Administrator-Nabitende Kalungami BSI,Kaliro District Buzenga B.S.I school: Demiano student, “God help me to get enough understanding of his word, we know how to share the gospel with the lost, in our church we manage to win 57 and 45 are already baptized, we started one home meeting and one church.”

Ibanda B.S.I School:
Administrator, this program is one the best programs, we get training in a short time and when the students went back they implement things they learn. , there is a revival in our area and in 2 month 130 new believers came to Christ, two new churches started, 80 are already baptized. Students have a vision to see many pastors trained.

On March 11-3-2011 I took a team of 10 BSI students to Busano sub-county, Mbale District and we started person to person evangelism from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Each student went with a member from the Church we had visited particularly to evangelise, at the end of the day we had shared the gospel with 534 people and 147 had given their lives to the Lord. The task we left for that Church is to do the follow up which is on going. We managed to give them some follow up materials but they were not sufficient. Can BSI be able to provide us with discipleship materials for New believers?

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