by Moody Adams
Ann Barnhardt explained why she ended her cable TV service on her website.

Barnhardt writes. "I came across a title of a show called 'Latter Days.' I thought that it might be a documentary about the Mormons or some such, and always being keen to read up and get wise on such matters, I clicked on the title and tuned in that channel."

"Instead of a religious show she was confronted with the sight of two young men having sex, writes Andrea Shea King. "It was on the "Gay Pride" channel which was part of the cable package she had purchased to get the Catholic EWTN channel she wanted."

Barnhardt cancelled her cable service and found her favorite Catholic program, "The Journey Home," online.

Millions of Americans are turning from Cable TV to "Online" programs on their computers.

In the two years since Barnhardt and others cut their cable service, television programming has become increasingly more available online with free offerings as well. A recently released report shows that 32 percent of cable users tend to discontinue their cable service within 12 months.

"In 2010, approximately 1 million U.S. households cut the cord," a Denver TV critic recently reported. "By the end of this year, 2.07 million households are expected to have dropped cable during the past four years, according to The Convergence Consulting Group, a company that reports to the entertainment industry."

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