by Moody Adams
The Director of the Bible Skills Institue in the troubled South Sudan, Mullai Roman, writes after 474 students graduated, "This has challenged me because so far in the history of the South Sudan, no single theological school has ever graduated such a number of Bible students in one single graduation. We are thanking God so much for making this work possible during our time. This so far is a historic revolution in Christianity. Glory be to our God.

The students in Africa alone have started 1,281 churches and won 66,645 converts to Christ!

This is made possible by not building school buildings, using churches, community buildings and open air classes. This enables us to move faster.

Instead of foreign teachers, locals are recording the 20 subjects on DVDs and MP3s, saving a huge amount of money.

Instead of students having to leave families and go away to school, we are taking the schools to them.

BSI is now in 14 countries, including China, Nepal and India.

All of this in less than six years.

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