The United Church of Christ, the denomination of Chicago pastor Jeremiah Wright into which Obama was baptized, has decided to banish God "the Father" from its organizational documents.

The UCC's "General Synod 28" vote was 613 in favor of the changes, 171 against and 10 abstaining. Changes include a pointed deletion of a reference to God "as heavenly Father," which has been part of Christendom's description of the Trinity for millennia – the three persons of God being the heavenly Father, Christ the Son and Savior, and the Holy Ghost, the counselor and comforter.

“God the Father” is offensive to Muslims who do not believe God had a Son. They declare Jesus was only a prophet, like Muhammad.

In my debates with Muslims the Trinity has been the thing they attack the most.

A spokesperson at Jeremiah Wright’s church once said they welcomed Muslims into their church without conversion to Christ.

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