by Judge Sam Griffith

Sheriff J.B. Smith's vision to establish a garden to provide fresh vegetables for the East Texas Food bank is a vivid illustration of GOD'S calling to each of us to provide for the needy as lived out in a demonstration of bed-rock Republican values of hard work, freely given money, labor and assets to meet the needs of the poor. No federal funds were needed to grow and donate twenty-three thousand pounds, almost twelve tons, of fresh vegetables to the hungry and needy of East Texas. Rather, the use of the land was donated by a private land owner. Individuals donated the vegetable seeds. Men brought their tractors and equipment and spent many days working, preparing the land for cultivation, planting the seeds, and cultivating the crops. And most significantly, on May 10, 2010, the garden itself was dedicated to GOD, with earnest prayer for GOD to bless our labors to heed GOD's call to feed the hungry. And, as He graciously promised, when we faithfully plant and when we water as He commands, GOD gives the abundant increase. I Corinthians 3:6.

Twenty-three thousand pounds of fresh vegetables freely grown and given to the poor at no cost to any government, without a penny of government money! What a template for actually meeting the needs of others by looking to Christ, and His followers, rather than vainly hoping a bloated, bankrupt, ineffective government will alleviate human suffering without inflicting more suffering on those from whom it seizes ever more taxes.

This is a paradigm that demonstrates that GOD's methods work far better than any empty "hope" for undefined "change."

(Sam Griffith is an appelate judge in Tyler, Texas, who travels constantly to foreign countries to carry the gospel in some of the most dangerous places on earth).

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