Startling Survey on Christian and Home Schooling 08/31/2011

Cardus, a think tank focusing on North American society, found some startling facts about religious education. Report is from WorldNetDaily.

All private schools, even non-religious and home schools, showed significant positive effect over public schools on graduates reporting "feelings that their high school prepared them for a vibrant and religious spiritual life," with religious home educated graduates faring the best, scoring on average over 3 points higher on a 7-point scale than public schooled students.

The net effect of Protestant and religious home education was an increase in graduates' reported attendance at religious services, while Catholic and non-religious private school grads reported a decrease in attendance.

Religious home education produced the greatest effect on increasing graduates' belief that morality should be based on an absolute, unchanging standard, while Catholic schooling actually decreased this belief.

Protestant and religious home educated graduates showed a net increase in belief in the Bible as an infallible guide for personal life and behavior, that premarital sex is wrong and that divorce is wrong, while Catholic and non-religious private schooling showed a net decrease in these beliefs.

Protestant school graduates were also far more likely than all other groups to report volunteering in their churches, traveling on missions trips and serving on relief trips.

All groups of private schooled graduates reported "feelings that their high school prepared them for personal relationships, friendships and family relations, especially marriage" at rates higher than their public schooled peers.
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