by Moody Adams
America’s two bloodiest attacks had one thing in common; both had a religious motivation.

True religion was the strength of America's founding fathers as they battled impossible odds. False religion was responsible for the two deadliest attacks on America.

America’s second deadliest attack was on Pearl Harbor. It killed 2,388 Americans, and was motivated by religion. Emperor Hirihito, who Japan’s Shito religion taught was a god who descended from the Sun Goddess, ordered this attack.

America’s deadliest attack on September 11, which killed 2,996 people, was likewise motivated by religion. Allah, who Islam teaches is the god of the universe, commanded, “Fight therefore against them until there be no more civil discord, and the only worship be that of God (Allah)” (Koran 2:193). (Islam’s Blackwell Idealist Commentary explains, “War against Infidels is permitted for . . . the establishment of Islamic System in the land . . . but (those) who are still active in spreading infidelity and barring others from Islam, they should be slaughtered of course.”

Some would like to group all religions together. They would conclude that because some are bad, all are bad. Others group them together and conclude all are good. Both views are extremely wrong. There are extremely good and extremely bad religions.

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