Richard Ratliff—the Farewell of a Great Christian 09/21/2011

by Moody Adams
Richard Ratliff is gone. He left behind a legacy that glorified his Savior Jesus Christ.

Richard had an enormous heart for the handicapped. I watched him care for a destitute boy who was homeless, providing him with a place to live and a church home.

He served as a pastor and evangelist with extraordinary distinction. I saw him lead a church through an internal crisis that would have wrecked most congregations. His outstanding leadership skills held the church together and brought it through to victory.

I admired his deep commitment to his wife, son and grandchildren. Richard put his family ahead of himself leading the example of a Godly husband.

His seminary studies failed to shake his faith in the Word of God. He radiated confidence in the promises of Holy Scripture. Every time I talked with Richard, he gave me scripture to encourage me and strengthen my faith.

Richard had notable success on the foreign field. Two times we traveled to India together, where he saw many come to Christ.

His successes in the ministry were fantastic. He grew a church in Boone, North Carolina to an attendance of over 1,000.

It was while pastoring in Boone that he suffered a devastating heart attack. It did not stop Richard. He endured the pain and continued the rehab walking faithfully on his pained arthritic knees. Richard continued teaching and preaching to the end. Pain could not stop him.

He was one of the most Christ-like men this generation has known. Those of us who knew him were keenly aware of Richard’s deep faith.

On September 7, 2011, Richard Ratliff entered eternity. Heaven is richer.

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