Nancy Grace says Amanda Knox is Guilty 10/05/2011

There has been worldwide rejoicing over Amanda Knox being set free by Italian courts.

“But Nancy Grace doesn't buy it. And she's standing by her beliefs. She reiterated, "I said that it was a miscarriage of justice. I believe her original statement to the police - that she was there in the home when her roommate was murdered was true. ... What they want to do with her regarding sentencing is their business" (Nancy Grace, USA Today’s Lifeline, October 5, 2011).

There seems to be many who believe Knox was guilty, but that there was not enough evidence to convict her.

While Knox escaped a life sentence, every Christian can rejoice that they have escaped an “eternal life” sentence through the unmerited grace of Jesus Christ. This is far more miraculous than the Knox case. There was not enough evidence to convict her. There is ample evidence to convict us, but Christ assumed our guilt and paid the penalty for us.

Hallelujah! Thank you Lord Jesus Christ.

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