Two Year Marriages Proposed by Legislator 10/12/2011

"Until death do us part" is what generations of couples have vowed at the altar. But a legislator in Mexico City wants to give people a much shorter option. Leonel Luna from the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution wants to make it easier for couples to divorce if things don't work out the way they hoped in the first two years after tying the knot," reports CNN.

"Almost 50% of couples in Mexico City end up in divorce," Luna says. "What we're trying to do is acknowledging reality and creating a mechanism that will allow couples to end their marriage without going through the additional pain and suffering of a legal battle."

Luna, the bill's author, sees the bill as having a good chance to pass. Thirty-four of the 66 legislators in the Mexico City Assembly belong to his party.

Blogger SimonCohen asks, "Why exactly 2 years? What is wrong with one year, or one month, or one night stand?"

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