Who Started the New York Protests? 10/13/2011

It was started by an "anti-capitalist' group, Adbusters, in Vancouver, Canada. they ran an ad in their magazine setting the date and the place for the demonstration. Their inventive marketing campaign is aimed at sparking an Arab Spring type uprising against Wall Street to destroy capitalism.

The group is suported by George Soros, 81, listed as No. 7 on the Forbes 400 list of wealthiest men with $22 billion. He has promised to give away half his wealth in life and the other half when he dies.

Rush Limbaugh told his listeners last week, "George Soros money is behind this."

Socialism has been proven a failure over and over again. Just look at North Korea and Cuba. China tried it and nearly starved her people to death until she turned to capitalism.

When I was a boy people picked cotton by the pound. The more you icked the more you were paid. It was common for a capable black man to pick twice as much as the wheite men. His long arms and fast pace paid off. Socialism would have insisted on stealing part of his earnings and giving it to the slower white men.

History gives us a choice. We can all be equal and poor, or we can keep what we earn and get better off, but be unequal. Some will never study as hard, work as hard, and handle money as wisely as others.

We may agree with some of the many complaints of the New York mobs, but we must never agree with them about socialism.

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