BSI Students Turn “Snake Worshippers” to Jesus Christ 10/19/2011

by Moody Adams
The following is a testimony from our Bible Skills Institute in the Sudan, Africa.

This place had not had a church from time unknown. The region here is the traditional religion of worshiping a snake. A big snake that belongs to the famous Elder Witch Doctor of the place.

At last, a church has been planted here and the people of this village have said they have been set free. They are demanding a Bible Skills Institute School.

Snake worship is an ancient religion. “The Greek god most closely associated with snake worship is Apollo; the original name of Apollo’s temple at Delphi was Pytho, after the snake Python. In Rome during the period of the empire, a sacred snake was kept within the city and was attended by the vestal virgins; it was believed that if the snake refused to accept food from the hand of one of its attendants, the attendant was no longer a virgin, and she was promptly killed. Buddhist legends relate that Buddha was given the true Buddhism by the “king of the serpents” (often seen as the cobra), and Buddhists also revere the regenerative powers the snake exhibits.”

It is thrilling to be reaching “the unreached people of the world” who live in darkness and actually worship a giant snake as their god.

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