Tim Tebow Thanks Jesus After Rallying Broncos to Win 10/26/2011

by Moody Adams
“Evangelical football star Tim Tebow thanked Jesus Christ after leading the Denver Broncos to an 18–15 overtime win over the Miami Dolphins in Florida Sunday, not giving in to critics who are averse to his open display of his Christian faith,” declares Anugrah Kumar in Christian Post.

In Tabow’s first start in the NFL, he played poorly in the first 54 minutes of Sunday’s game with the Miami Dolphins. In the last 6 minutes of the game he rose to the occasion, led his Bronco team to two touchdowns and won the game.

“You can’t lose confidence in yourself or you’ve lost already,” Tebow, said. “When you get knocked down, you’ve got to keep getting back up.”

Tabow, the son of missionaries, was the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy. He won the college national championship at Florida. Still, he has an army of critics.

At college in Florida, Tebow frequently wore biblical verses on his eye black. In the 2009 Bowl Championship Series, he wore “John 3:16” on his eye paint, reportedly causing 92 million people to search the verse on Google.

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