Former Missionaries Suing Southern Baptist Convention 10/26/2011

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – “A Metro Nashville Council member is suing the Southern Baptist Convention for $1.5 million” Reports RSSE-mailTwitterFacebookMobile.

“Ron Nollner and his wife, Beverly, filed the lawsuit against the nation's largest Protestant denomination and related entities last week.

“The lawsuit states the two went to New Delhi as missionaries in 2009 and were hired by the Virginia-based International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention to oversee construction of an office building there.

“However, the lawsuit claims they were fired after Ron Nollner complained about illegal and unsafe building practices at the job site and said the project's architect and builder were paying bribes to get approvals for completion.

“A spokeswoman for the International Mission Board said the board hasn't received a copy of the complaint, but believes in treating all personnel with integrity."

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