Mormons are Christians, says Osteen 10/26/2011

by Moody Adams
Texas mega-church pastor Joel Osteen says he believes Mormons are Christians, adding fuel to the fire raging over Mormonism.

“The statement came yesterday in Washington in response to a reporter's questions about politics. Osteen said he likes Texas Governor Rick Perry and prays for his candidacy in the GOP presidential candidate race,” writes Fred Jackson of OneNewsNow. “But Osteen said he also disagreed with a fellow Texas pastor -- Robert Jeffress -- who recently stated that Perry's political opponent, Mitt Romney, was ‘not a Christian’ because he is a Mormon, and that Mormonism is a ‘cult.’"

Mormons have more than just a conflict with Biblical Christianity. They have a major conflict with America’s Bill of Rights. The Declaration of Independence that men were “created” by God.

Mormons do not believe men were created, but that they have always existed. Wicipedia Encyclopedia says, “Mormons believe that in the beginning, all people existed as spirits or "intelligences," independent of God.[14] In this state, God came among the intelligences and offered a plan whereby they could progress and "have a privilege to advance like himself (The Mormon God was once a mere man).” God could not have been a 'Creator" if he was originally a man.

If rights come from a creator, and there never was a creator, then what rights do we have?

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