Woman Dies of Cancer After Refusing Treatment to Save Unborn Child 10/27/2011

by Moody Adams
Stacie Crimm sacrificed her own life to save her unborn baby. She “was 41, single and unexpectedly pregnant, when she was diagnosed with head and neck cancer this past July,” writes Christine Dhanagom.

Stacie made the decision not to take chemotheraphy. It might have saved her life, but it might have damaged her unborn.
On August 16th Stacie passed out in her home. They rushed her to the hospital and did an emergency c-section. Her daughter, Dottie Mae, was born weighing 2 pounds.

They managed to revive her mother. The nurses even managed to let her hold the baby. Stacie lived for three weeks. Her brother, Phillip, took the baby to raise with his four children.

A rare store of a mothers love, in a time when millions have aborted their babies for mere convience.

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