Holding Church in a Bar and Serving Alcohol 11/02/2011

by Moody Adams
“Bill Jenkins … calls his month-old church plant in northern California Urbanlife,”reports the Christian Post. They meet in downtown San Jose in a bar call the Loft Bar and Bistro at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings. He told The Christian Post he wants to create ‘a safe environment for a dangerous message.’”

Ninety-two percent of the population in Santa Clara County, is unchurched. The majority of people there have rejected traditional forms of church. So Jenkins wants to provide church in a new way.

“Come on,” he said to this reporter, who offered to visit the unconventional church if in the area, “I’ll buy you a pint.”

Some preachers are so desperate to draw crowds and get offerings they will do anything, even serve alcohol.

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