King Paterno May Loose His Crown 11/09/2011

More than just a football coach, Joe Paterno was ‘King’ at Penn State. He just won his 409th victory, records . He won 2 national titles and most important his team made a $53 profit for the school. Paterno coached for 46 years. He has personally donated more than $5 million to the school. He led the school in building a billion dollar endowment. The AP featured a picture of Paterno being carried off the field on the shoulders of his fans. They said, “It is hard to fully capture the stature and impact of Joe Paterno.”

Yet, the mere ‘suspicion’ of failure to call the police about one of his coaches, Paterno may be fired.

Pat Little/Associated Press writes, “Joe Paterno has presided over a successful, profitable football team as Penn State has reaped benefits off the field from his successes. “He preached and stood for integrity, family and principle. And, unlike other football powerhouses — Alabama or Michigan, for example, where there are always wins but also frequent turnover in recent years among the coaches who engineer them — Paterno represented absolute stability.”

The lessons are ‘public opinion can change in a moment.’ Second, one mistake can wipe out a life time of good work.

‘One leak will sink a ship: and one sin will destroy a sinner,” said John Bunyan.

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