New Holy Land Museum Will Bring Bible to Life 11/15/2011

by Moody Adams
“The Israeli government has given the green light to build a Bible museum in the country of Jesus' birth,” writes Mark Hensch of the Christian Post. “"It's absurd that in the land of the Bible, there is no center dedicated to it," Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, told Haaretz.

Historic Bible regions such as Neot Kendumin and Adulam are possible sites. Founder Emek Hatanakh says it will include functional biblical farms and villages, archaeological digs and performances of Bible stories.

The Jewish faith believes Israel is holy land and that its sacred scripture, the Torah, was personally delivered by God to his followers there.

Netanyahu said "Viewed as a whole, there is no other human creation that can compare with it (the Bible) in terms of its artistry, ideals, faith and sheer influence on the world," he said.

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