Thanksgiving Has Been Replaced by a Holiday Feast 11/22/2011

“Thanksgiving in many schools has been replaced by a politically correct “Holiday Feast” and often times our family observances of Thanksgiving have become simply a warm and fuzzy meal with our friends and family followed by electronic entertainment,” writes Don Moyer.

“I suspect however that our collective ancestors would place considerably more emphasis on the giving of thanks than on the gluttony and socializing. I’m not really trying to find fault here. Because I am just as guilty as anyone. I, too, will probably eat too much, schmooze with family and friends, and watch football,” says Don.

My great--granddaughter learned at the age of 10 that Columbus was a terribly wicked man. She said, her schoolbooks and teacher taught her this.

Today, students are taught that the Pilgrims were a bunch of religious fanatics that could not get along with anybody.

Many are no longer thankful for those who discovered this nation, founded it and carved it out of the wilderness. Most of all we some are forgetting to be thankful to the God we owe everything to.

This Thanksgiving I am going to do a better job of stressing “Thanksgiving” to our God at the family meal.

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