Egypt’s Leading Party Vows to Kill All Jews 11/29/2011

by Moody Adams
“A Muslim revival at Cairo’s most prominent Mosque Friday that drew 5,000 worshippers reportedly turned into a hate-fueled rally, complete with repeated vows to ‘“one day kill all the Jews,’” reports the New York Daily News.

“Led by the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest and best-organized political party, the crowd that gathered at the al-Azhar Mosque chanted ‘Tel Aviv! Tel Aviv! Judgment Day has come!’" according to the Israeli website

Columnist Krauthammer wirtes, “Egypt's dangerous road ahead Krauthammer: Egypt's dangerous road ahead Cohen: Out with Mubarak, in with Islamists? Egyptian military refuses to crack down on protesters Cohen: Out with Mubarak, in with Islamists?”

The U.S. government helped to overthrow Mubarak. What we are getting in his place is a more radical, deadly government.

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