Tim Tebow puzzles fans on and off the field 11/30/2011

by Moody Adams
Joseph Hayes writes, “At first glance, he's everything you wouldn't want in a quarterback. He has a slow throwing motion and he's not overly accurate. But just about everyone will tell you Tim Tebow is a winner.”

He has reached the heights of the NFL, winning five of his six starts as Denver’s quarterback. Hayes calls this, “the most engaging sports story in our country.”

The central story about Tebow is not his record, or clutch performances, it is his bold stand for Jesus Christ. He gives praise to Him after every score.

This has brought a lot of criticism and calls to tone down his faith. However, Tebow plows through this like he does defensive lines.

Tim Tebow is becoming a legend while giving all the glory to his Savior Jesus Christ.

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