Johnny Depp's New Song Stirring Major Christmas Controversy 12/07/2011

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"Jesus Stag Night Club," a tongue-in-cheek track by the British group Babybird featuring Johnny Depp, has really stirred things up for the Christmas season.

The song tells the story of a Jesus lookalike who passes out drunk after a wild bachelor party.
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The lyrics tell of a Christ-like rebel at a pub: "Saw a man in a bar with his hair like a lady/Bloody thorns 'round his ear like he was a crazy/He had holes in his hands and a cross for a spine/Crushed a berry in his Perrier and called it wine."

Focus on the Family called the song "a slap in the face to Christians all over the world."

The Miami News Blog is even running a poll on whether Depp is going to go to hell for this!

A blogger wrote, “Johnny Depp DIDN'T SING ON THIS SONG. He did nothing other than play guitar on this one track on the album.

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