Why Tim Tebow is the Most Criticized Athelete in America? 12/13/2011

by Moody Adams
First it was Tebow’s lack of throwing ability. They said he would never make it in the pros.

Now it is his outspoken faith in Jesus Christ.

He is called names like "arrogant douchebag" and "religious nut job."

Stephen Tullock, a linebacker for the Detroit Lions, personified the anti-Christian attacks when he mocked Tebow after sacking the quarterback. As Tebow picked himself up off the gridiron, Tullock started “Tebowing” – a mocking prayer on bended knee.

He is even criticized by his fellow Christian athletes. “Put down the boldness in regards to the words and keep living the way you’re living,” said Kurt Warner in a Washington Post story.

And what does Tebow do about it? He just keeps on winning with thrilling come-from-behind finishes.

There are currently over 70 articles on his 6 out of 7 starts since starting.

The sports world desperately needs a moral compass. Tebow fills the bill for this. He doesn’t dog-fight, fail drug tests, or get into night-club brawls. He spends-seasons helping the poor. He is a virgin.

Tebow is hated because he reproves the conscience of many and because he has proven them wrong about not making it in the NFL.

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