Acid Attack on Preacher Disfigures his Face and Blinds One Eye 12/30/2011

by Moody Adams
Tha attack on Pastor Umar Mulinde that left his eye damaged, was a terrorism act, leaders of born again Christians said yesterday. They said the government should take tough action on acid and other dangerous chemical use in the country.

The acid attack on Umar Mulinde’s blinded his right eye and his face disfigured. The attacker apparently approached Mulinde appearing to seek help, but when the man of God moved closer to listen to him, he was splashed in the face with the caustic acid. It took place near midnight as the pastor was leaving the church.

One man has been arrested and others are thought to be involved.

Pastor Mulinde has preached on Islam and the Koran. His attack is thought to be a result of his stand against the Muslims.

We have our Bible Skills Institutes in the area and they teach against Islam and other false religions.

Jesus got in most of his troubles by preaching against false religion. In the end it was religious people who demanded that He be crucified.

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