Christianity Flourishing Where Many Martyrs Once Died 01/16/2012

by Moody Adams

This New Year Christians publicly celebrated at the place of the country’s greatest persecution of believers.

Christianity is flourishing in Gadragam, India, where many were killed a few years ago, 300 churches were burned 6,000 homes were torched and 54,000 Christians were left homeless.

“Our people are no longer afraid; they are ready to profess their faith boldly,” proclaimed Rabindra Pradhan, elder brother of 28-year-old Rasanand Pradhan, who was torched alive in his house during the anti-Christian violence.

“The martyrdom of my brother has not gone in vain. Half a dozen Hindu families are now regularly attending our worship,” said the retired Indian soldier. The young man was the first to lay down their lives in Indian history.

Persecution never hurts Christianity as much as ‘prosperity.’

The famous observation of Tertullian was that, “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.” This has been demonstrated once again in India.

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