How Loneliness Affects Your Well-Being 09/17/2017

Dr. Linda Mintle - Therapist & Author / Family MattersFamily Matters
Healthy relationships help prevent anxiety and depression by building sophisticated neural networks in the brain that help modulate the stress response. And when stress is reduced, people feel better both mentally and physically.

In fact, people who are isolated end up with more chronic pain. Disconnection, we believe, follows the same pathway as pain. So being left out, rejected, and without people in your life makes you more susceptible to physical and emotional pain.

If you are lonely, get connected in your community and find friends. Join a church, a small group, take an exercise class, a cooking class or find a hobby that involves others. People need people!

Isolation is not something to ignore. So get out there and give it your best to connect with other people. Don't go it alone. Get a pet or volunteer to help in a food shelter or activity at your church. Find your tribe, a place you fit in and can do life with other people. It's too important to your overall well-being.

(Genesis 2:18 - "And the LORD God said, [It is] not good that the man should be alone")

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