Florida Senate Passes Bill Allowing School Prayer 02/06/2012

by Moody Adams
Florida's Senate approved a bill allowing students to deliver 'inspirational messages' at public school assemblies.

“Sen. Gary Siplin believes this is the year for school prayer. Sure, Florida lawmakers have pitched the idea time and time again. But Siplin, a Democrat from Orlando, says his bill has momen- tum. His proof? On Wednesday, the bill became among the first of the year to win approval from the Senate. It passed by a vote of 31-8,” reports the Miami Herald.

Opponents are saying:
Then you pray to all the gods?

Who is going to write the prayers?

It would be much better to liberate education from government control than try to manipulate a system that is unconstitutional.

School prayer is compelled worship,which runs up against the principle of freedom of worship.

However, the opponents lost big time.

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