Shari’a Court Orders 3 Christian Pastors and a Missionary Out of India 02/14/2012

by CBN
Although the court has no legal jurisdiction over non-Muslims, political parties have reportedly remained silent; Indian churches have been alone in protesting the ruling.

“Surprisingly the political class has not spoken a word about it [the court ruling], which is disastrous,” Catholic Bishops' Conference of India president Cardinal Oswald Gracias said this week.

“We are against forced conversions and careful over somebody wanting to change his or her religion,” he said.
Gracias noted that Islamic courts have no authority over adherents of other faiths. “If we allow this then you will have parallel systems, which is not possible in a democratic country.”

The controversy erupted after a video emerged last November showing a Protestant pastor in Srinagar, Chander Khanna, baptizing young Kashmiri men.

The shari’a court then “summoned” the pastor and accused him of luring Muslims to convert by offering them money. Khanna made his case to a room of Islamic scholars, but two days later police arrested him on charges of fomenting trouble between religious groups.

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