“The United States Receives the Most foreign Missionaries 02/21/2012

by Moody Adams
“The United States Receives the Most foreign Missionaries … with 32,400 in 2010,” reports Daniel Lovering of Reuters
said. The United States also sends out the most missionaries, 127,000 of the world's estimated 400,000.

“Many are Brazilians - Catholic, Protestants and Pentecostals - who largely work in Brazilian communities in the Northeast,” Lovering said.

The foreign Missionary movement began 200 years ago when five young men became ordained as Congregational missionaries and set off on cargo ships to India as the first organized group of American missionaries to travel overseas.

Salem, Massachusetts is celebrating their departure this week.

We might wonder why Americans are not taking care of the mission work here, instead of needing over 30,000 foreigners coming in to do the work. Perhaps more of our foreign missionaries could be more fruitful here in the States?

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