Christians Combating Atheist Professors Gaining Ground at Universities 02/28/2012

by Moody Adams
After decades of atheist professors attacking young Christian students, Jesus followers are fighting back.

Two fast growing movements are combating the campus atheists. Ratio Christi is a “campus apologetics ministry, is giving college students a way to become grounded in Truth and the skills to share that Truth with those who are searching or antagonistic. Students who were not prepared for the onslaught of hatred against their beliefs are learning to explain what they believe in a compassionate way.”

Ratio Christi (Latin for "reason of Christ" or the "rationality of Christ") is aggressively seeking and placing apologists (those who defend the faith)on campuses to lead student chapters.

President Rick Schenker told The Christian Post. "Secular thought dominates most educational institutions. Christian students are ridiculed and openly humiliated by fellow students, and sometimes even faculty, for believing in God, the Bible and Jesus Christ." Schenker said his group went from 12 to 65 chapters within less than a year. The biggest challenge the organization faces is funding the rapid growth and expressed interest of other "supported missionaries" or chapter leaders.

At last, we are getting missionaries in a most needy place—college campuses. In Africa we send missionaries to resent the Gospel to those who have never heard. On college campuses we are sending missionaries to combat the enemies of the Gospel.

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